Research Questions

I am interested in several research questions that fall broadly under questions of culture, identity, and relationships. These projects are in various stages of progress.


U.S. Social Class shaping of Relationships

  • How do social class contexts construct the meaning and function of social class?
  • What is the role of loyalty in working class contexts? What is the role of individual rights and preferences in middle contexts?
  • How can relationships be leveraged to address issues tied to social class?


Class and Race in the College Experiences

  • How do the daily experiences of first-generation and continuing-generation college students differ?
  • How do the daily experiences of students who are underrepresented racial minorities differ from college students of other racial identities?
  •  How do daily college experiences contribute to students’ feelings of belonging and integration into their college environment?


Intergroup Communication

  • What strategies are effective in promoting intergroup communication?
  • How does intergroup communication affect how people think about the world, their social groups, and the social groups of others. How does it influence behavior?


Conceptions of Loyalty           

  • How do people understand the concept of loyalty?


Social Class across National Borders

  • Is the influence of class on psychology the same across national contexts? Or do social class effects depend on the larger national cultural in which they are situated?